New Age Investments are paying out


I have been investing with this company for over 8 months and already got a payed out of well above 30k, started with 5k. People are sabotaging this company because they wont accept them is disgusting. Please contact me I will show deposit slips through Google Wallet. People saying that they are scammers are just worthless pieces of sh**

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I wouldn't get my family involved if i didnt see potential in this company

They also offer investment protection and third party funding which was great when I started, it gave me extra confidence that I could use a credit card

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New Age Investments is a SCAM!!!! Dont Invest, You'll Lose Your Money!!!

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Their website is

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Dont not invest in this company!!! They are a SCAM!!!! I invested thousands of dollars into this company and they said I would see a 25% to 85% return on my investment within 60 days. After 60 days I requestrf to get my money back from the investment and they refused giving me nothing but excuses! I lost thousands of dollars with this company, dont be their next victim! The person promoting this SCAM is Derek Carson. His number is 661-889-2603, his email is and the company email is

Dont fall for the fake statements and fake references they give you, they are not real. They are not licensed, they are not regulated, they are theives. They will try to persuade you that your money is safe and that you have nothing to worry about. You will end up losing everything. This company is already being investigated by authorities.

Here is an example of an ad that these scammers are using on craigslist:

New ASSET MGMT seeking investors 110% ROI Investment Invest- 60 days (paypal accepted)

Accepting new clients for very successful and upcoming finance firm Contact us for more details

Have your money work for you Tired of Large banks taking your money?

We are a NEW investment firm in the process of get licensed with FINRA, SEC, and all exchanges in the U.S- Launching our website soon

We are offering up to 45-115% return on your initial investment within 60 days. We do accept paypal and we do offer an investment protection plan which is like insurance and entitles you to no risk at ALL! Small fee is applicable

Min investment is 5k: via Paypal however we do suggest up to 10k.We know how difficult online transaction can be therefore we have chosen to partner with PayPal and Google since they are the most trusted third party merchant on the net- You can fund your account with a credit card YES!

or you might see this

Thank you for your inquiry about our new wealth management firm "New Age Investments" , which is a new and upcoming firm in the finance industry looking to expand our business country wide. We have been in business for over a year now and are managing well north of one million dollars. We are looking to grow that number much larger close to five million by year end

To familiarizes yourself with our firm:-25-85% ROI-60 day maturity dates-Third party merchant funding Safe and Secure(Paypal,Google Wallet, and Amazon)-30-40% commission fee-No admin or service fees-Fund with credit, debit, or bank accounts-Weekly account updates-Website launching end of Q2.-5k min investment, 10k recommendedHow long is the investments for:-60 Days including holidays and weekends

Are you guys licensed:- We do have a form D on file with SEC and are in the process of getting bonded with FINRA/Exchanges

What is the return I can expect:- 35-85 % From past performance --10k after 60-days you can accumulate 2500-3800$ profit

How long have you guys been in business:-Almost a year and yes we do have statements

Where are the funds held:- Top tier institutional banks/ brokerage accounts FDIC insured

Why are the funds pooled:-You need at-least 100k for our algorithm to profitable

How AM I protected:-(1)Protected through your bank, (2) SEC, (3) Third party merchant- Paypal, Google Wallet, OR Amazon

How do I get started:- Sign and return the agreement/disclosure agreement to be given an account number

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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